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An Academic Project by Students of TU Chemnitz

How this works!

For Users

  • Find People with similar Interests
  • Find Events based on Interests
  • Discover Places to enhance your interest
  • Calendar to see all events at once
  • Chat groups
  • Notifications if subscribed
For Business

  • Data Privacy - Permission for you to read/write/revoke when needed
  • Huge User Base
  • Promote your Brand
  • Advertise to a target groups

Working Prototype


Planspiel Project

Few Quick Links for the

  • server
    Open-Source Code

    Find the link to Github Repository which contains entire source code.

    Get Code
  • hosting
    Mobile Prototyping

    Mobile Prototype was developed which reflects the final product.

    Show Prototype
  • hosting2
    Live Demo

    Working Model of project is hosted. Check out the Live Demo.

    Show Demo
  • vpn
    Pitch Deck

    A pdf copy of presenatation slides are avialable as MITS5 Pitch Deck.

    Download Now

Advantages of Solid Frameworks

optimised True Data Ownership

Users decides where you store your data, can move data anywhere without service interruption. Users give people and your apps permission to read or write.

powerfull Modular Design

Modular Design would separate data from application. This is allow users to seamlessly switch apps & personal data storage servers, without losing any data or social connections.

website Reusing Existing Data

This approach protects your privacy and is also great for developers: they can build cool apps without harvesting massive amounts of data first.


How often people use social media
Hourly and daily percetage is almost 90%

How many people our application?
Nearly 90% LOVE our application

How many people need a solution for data privacy
Nearly 90% need solutions

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